Q80 Valve industries being located in Kuwait provides numerous advantages to its clients.  Some of the direct benefits are as follows:

Fastest Deliveries

Large Stock (200tonns anytime) of Raw material stocked in Kuwait enables us to start manufacturing valves from the day of receipt of order saving fiancé costs on long delivery periods. Q80 is capable of increasing shifts to expedite orders if required.


Due to local presence Q80 is capable of customizing production according to priorities of our client. In a large order Q80 is able to provide option to client do decide which valves are required in the beginning of the operation.

Customized Delivery Periods

Q80 has capabilities of customizing delivery periods. We can deliver materials as per customer’s convenience at site saving storage expense.

Quality and Design

Our Design and Quality Engineers are highly qualified and have more than 15years of experience in the field of piping projects. Our engineers are always ready to discuss any projects with the clients enabling them to customize the best suitable solution that will not only save time but also money by choosing right product mix.

Quality Inspections

Since Q80 is a local facility clients can now eliminate cost of 3rd Party Inspection. 3rd Party Inspection in outside countries not only cost clients but sometimes also causes unnecessary delays due to several reasons. Q80 now give full control in its client where clients can send their own inspection team during anytime of production without prior notice. This saves money, time and avoids all unnecessary documentation that a client has to go through every time.

Winning Team

Q80 has handpicked its team who is best in their professions and also has strong experience to backup. This team forms a very strong base for Q80.

Strong financials

Q80 is backed by FIC & FERCO as holding companies. Both the companies are well managed and highly profitable and hence have very positive cash flows. This give unique advantage to Q80 that it is geared up to take up any magnitude of orders or project at any given point.